Monday, 7 January 2013

Week 1 Training Log

Kicking of the new year being more accountable for my activities. My running has started off poorly with a couple missed runs but I will improve on that!

Monday, December 31
Bike: 12.20 km / Avg Speed 29.1 kmh / Commute to work.
Bike: 12.13 km / Avg Speed 24.0 kmh / Commute from work.
Run: 14.38 km / Scheduled as 7 km / Avg Pace 5.58 min km / A relaxed pace with Lyndie to end the year. This was originally planed as a 21 km run with a couple other folks but as with all the best laid plans...

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 1
Run: 0 km / Had scheduled a 10 km run for today but low energy, motivation and not eating properly all day didn't get me out the door...

Wednesday, January 2
Bike: 12.13 km / Avg Speed 30.4 kmh / Commute to work.
Bike: 12.25 km / Avg Speed 23.9 kmh / Commute from work.
Run: 0 km / Scheduled for a 7 km run, was going to do a 13 km run with Deb in the evening after groceries arrived, ate a bag of chips while waiting and then decided to toss the run and pick up Thai for dinner...

Thursday, January 3
Bike: 12.37 km / Avg Speed 30.2 kmh / Commute to work.
Bike: 12.27 km / Avg Speed 25.1 kmh / Commute from work.
Run: 10.48 km / Avg Pace 7.06 min km / Scheduled for a 7 km run. Hit the trails with Lyndie and had a great run.

Friday, January 4
Bike: 12.24 km / Avg Speed 29.9 kmh / Commute to work.
Bike: 12.30 km / Avg Speed 24.2 kmh / Commute from work.
Run: 10.1 km / Avg Pace 5.56 min km / No run scheduled for today but I was still short of my weekly distance target. Did a mixed road/trail run with Lyndie and climbed a massive hill toward the end.
Walk: 1.25 km / Post run cool down.

Saturday, January 5
Bike: 229.06 km / Audax Scamper Series / 11.19 km to the start of the ride, 205.82 ride and 12.05 km home after the ride. Completed the Audax ride in 9 hours and set a new PB for the 200 km distance! Despite heading into the Blue Mountains and a max temp of 39C/102F during the day :)

Sunday January 6
Rest day! Can you believe it, I actually have a scheduled rest day! Of course, although I understand the concept of rest days...
Hiking: Approx 9 km along the Manly Scenic Walk with Lyndie, David and Ashton. Stopped three times to jump in the ocean and then for ice cream near the end. Awesome walk and stunning views!

Totals for the week
Bike: Scheduled 320 km / Actual 326.95
Run: Scheduled 31 km / Actual 34.96
Walk/Hike: 10.25 km

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